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Welcome to our corporate sponsors information page. As a brand offering a multi-faceted, quality, platform focused on the sole topic of respect, we stand for self-respect, mutual respect, integrity, and high standards (personal, professional, and family values).

For corporate and business sponsors interested in a new innovative and powerful, long-term, sponsorship relationship EKTIMIS offers a tailored suite of sponsor benefits and activation ideas. We view each sponsorship opportunity as a unique and value-oriented commitment (by EKTIMIS) to the sponsor. Our approach to engaging in a sponsorship program with a corporate sponsor is illustrated in the graphical framework below.

EKTIMIS Sponsor Engagement Framework

To learn more about how EKTIMIS can support your sponsorship needs, goals and objectives, please contact us using the information below, and allow us to assess your requirements and goals, and demonstrate our innovative capabilities that can meet those goals. Thank you.

EKTIMIS Corporate Sponsor Contact:
Telephone: +1 (617)-854-7499
Email: [email protected]

The EKTIMIS property contains six primary categories of respect-oriented assets that serve to engage our growing audience. The asset model below illustrates these categories.

EKTIMIS Respect Asset Model