EKTIMIS is a premiere online destination for personal, professional, and family development anchored around one central theme - respect. At EKTIMIS we research and develop our brand of innovative resources and tools designed to educate, inform, motivate, and inspire individuals, families, groups and organizations interested in personal development & improvement, workplace performance, diversity management, organizational improvement and high standards.

The EKTIMIS brand represents and promotes respect - as an attitude, as a standard, and as a workstyle and lifestyle. We believe that you cannot adopt a workstyle or a lifestyle without first setting a standard, and you cannot establish a standard without forming the right attitude. Respect begins with the right attitude.

Our Vision
We offer a suite of "Respect-Themed" products and services that include:

  • educational and professional development / self-help books
  • inspirational online articles
  • professional training courses and seminars
  • inspirational speaking programs
  • engaging and fun visual artifacts (respect-themed artwork)
  • commemorative, novelty historical items

Our Core Values
Our innovative products and services are used by:

  • individuals
  • parents and couples (families)
  • businesses and organizations
  • social and youth mentoring groups
  • educational institutions
  • professional and leadership development groups

We invite you to join the EKTIMIS culture with an attitude - of respect.

To reach us go to the EKTIMIS Contact Us page or send an email to:
[email protected]

Niyi is the founder of EKTIMIS and the creator of the EKTIMIS brand. He is a dynamic speaker and the author of The Top Ten Laws of Respect, the EKTIMIS Top Ten Laws Book Series , the EKTIMIS Respect Modelâ„¢, as well as many of the EKTIMIS online articles and newsletters. As a continuous improvement expert, Niyi specializes in achieving improvement transformation by simplifying complex concepts. This skill led to the development of the EKTIMIS Respect Model, on which many of the EKTIMIS products, resources and tools are based. He holds a Masters degree from RPI, an undergraduate degree with distinction from WPI, and several professional certifications.

Niyi is the Lead Professional Speaker for the EKTIMIS Speaking Programs. (View his Speaker Profile).
N. Taiwo

Lata is the corporate training and organizational development advisor for EKTIMIS. As a Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) expert and a human resources professional with over 20 years of diverse industry experience, she specializes in organizational transformation (including organizational assessment, effectiveness and capacity, as well as knowledge development and knowledge transfer on a professional level and on an organizational level). She is the co-Founder of Transform Institute - an organization that focuses on leadership, transformation, and professional development programs. She is the author of the book 'Transform - Fifteen Disciplines and Practices That Create Personal and Organizational Breakthrough' She holds an MBA degree in Human Resources Management and organizational behavior, as well as several other professional certifications.
L. Chawla
Christine is the artistic development advisor for EKTIMIS. A seasoned artist with over 18 years of experience as a freelance artist exploring and capturing scenes along the New Hampshire seacoast, her expertise ranges from painting and sketching, to murals, hand-painted ceilings and decorative accessories. Blessed with an artistic attention to detail, Christine captures emotion and personality in a manner that inspires. Working with Niyi, Christine coordinates and oversees the development of all EKTIMIS artifacts, including custom projects. She is the lead artist on the EKTIMIS artistic team.
C. Waniak

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