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EKTIMIS Respect Quotation and Quotes

Since the launch of EKTIMIS we have published a growing collection of powerful and inspirational quotations - all anchored around the sole topic of respect. Each of these statements (quotations) are rooted in the same principles governing respect - as illustrated in the EKTIMIS Respect Model. These quotes relate to respect in the workplace, leadership and respect, respect at home, respectful parenting, personal accountability, and much more.

Each quotation (below) was authored by EKTIMIS founder and author of The Top Ten Laws of Respect, N. Taiwo, except where specifically noted otherwise.

Visitors and guests are FREE to use or recite these quotations, as long as proper and full credit to the author (N. Taiwo, EKTIMIS) is also disclosed and/or referenced.

EKTIMIS Respect Quotation and Quotes

"It is always best to stand on principles that keep you upright while others who stand without ultimately fall." (July 2012)

"Respect - a hidden secret for improving performance in a workplace." (May 2012)

"A child will respect a position of authority only as much as he recognizes the value of the position." (March 2012)

"To assess the nature of the self-respect that a society has, look first to the way it values and protects its children." (January 2012)

"A good competitor always shows respect for an adversary -- win or lose." (November 2011)

"Respect is a critical measure of leadership effectiveness. A leader that commands little respect soon finds himself alone on a path to an increasingly distant vision." (October 2011)

"In any work or business environment, when you are under attack by those who seek to undermine your efforts, the best strategy is to elevate your performance; this approach always commands respect." (August 2011)

"Functionalism and dysfunctionalism have one thing in common - they both imply being focused and good at something; in terms of relationships, the former focuses on mutual respect while the latter focuses on disrespect." (June 2011)

"The difference between a bully and a peacemaker lies in their understanding of the true meaning of respect." (April 2011)

"Each new day presents an opportunity to restore or preserve one's self-respect; the wise almost always seize the opportunity daily." (March 2011)

"When you find yourself in a desperate situation, sometimes you lose more than you realize - you lose your self-respect." (February 2011)

"Just as a mirror reflects what stands before it, self-respect is a reflection of what lies deep within you." (January 2011)

EKTIMIS Top Ten Laws of Respect Book Set - Full of Quotes

"It is always better to say "No" than it is to say "Yes," if you have no desire or intention to follow through; the former fosters integrity and respect, while the latter undermines them." (December 2010)

"Sometimes the simple word, 'No,' is a powerful measure of self-respect." (November 2010)

"If you have little regard for yourself and choose to live by mediocre standards, how can you truly show respect for those who have high regard for themselves and choose to live by high standards?" (October 2010)

"Every passing day confirms the wisdom in the words of the wise, just as every passing day confirms the foolishness in the words of a fool. It is best to think always before you speak." (September 2010)

"To repair a broken or damaged relationship, the first tool you need is respect. Once repaired, the most important tool you need to sustain the relationship is also respect." (August 2010)

"A child can be no more respectful than the most respected leader in a household." (July 2010)

"When life puts a squeeze on you, your self-respect becomes exposed and is put to the test." (June 2010)

"Respect is like a big elephant in a room; everyone knows it is there, but many do not wish or know how to deal with it." (May 2010)

"It is easier to trust someone that is honest than it is to be honest with someone you do not trust." (April 2010)

"Respect is a currency of human valuation." (March 2010)

"It is easier to surround yourself with fools who act like wise men than it is to surround yourself with wise men who occasionally act foolish." (February 2010)

"Acknowledge failure, but don't reward it; acknowledge success and celebrate it." (January 2010)

"Those who strive for perfection in character will always fall short; but they will achieve much more than those who strive for mediocrity, who will never fall short." (December 2009)

"Perfection is not a standard, but the pursuit of perfection is; respect has a lot to do with standards." (October 2009)