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EKTIMIS Respect Model and Framework for Teaching Respect

Definition of Respect: Respect is a measure of the psychological valuation of people and things (i.e. how much we value other people and things). By this definition respect is also the currency of valuation of people and things. (Just as we place a monetary value on a piece of jewelry, a vehicle, or a house, we also place a value on people - psychological value, not monetary value). View short video below.

The EKTIMIS Respect Model (ERM), pictured below, is a tool that converts the above definition of respect into a visual (graphic) form - to facilitate a better understanding of respect. The ERM visually presents a comprehensive, but yet simplified, view of the various components and constructs of the concept of respect (between people - respect in the workplace, respect at home, respect between friends, and the all important self-respect). The model, or framework, illustrates the two basic kinds of respect, the three methods by which respect is commonly manifested (categories of respect) between people, and the key factors that drive each of the three categories. This model defines respect and truly explains the meaning of respect and the psychology of respect.
This innovative model of respect serves as a powerful tool for:
- Learning Respect
- Teaching Respect
- Inspiring Others
- Motivating Others
- Training on the topic of Respect
- Parenting on the topic of Respect
- Communicating the Essence of Respect
- Personal and Group Accountability

A quick and easy way to review and understand the model is to read it one layer at a time. A practical and comprehensive outline of the model is contained in the forthcoming book, The EKTIMIS Respect Model - A Powerful Resource and Guide.

EKTIMIS Respect Model and Framework

The EKTIMIS Respect Model Artifact (Artwork)
(A True Masterpiece)

EKTIMIS Respect Model Artwork