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EKTIMIS Respect in the Workplace ACE Program

Welcome to the EKTIMIS A-C-E Program - a national, year-round, educational sponsored program soon to be launched by EKTIMIS (in partnership with major business sponsors).

Research has shown that a culture of respect plays a significant role in supporting performance within performing organizations. Research has also shown that performance employees contribute the most to the success of their organizations. Why? Because performance employees produce the most results. But, how do you, as a business owner or a working professional, become a performance individual? You do so by cultivating a respectful work environment and a work ethic that supports high performance and that produces results. This is what the EKTIMIS A-C-E Program entails!

The EKTIMIS A-C-E Program will launch as a seminar and speaking program national campaign and will tour major cities and towns across the U.S. While speaking topics and themes will focus largely on respect in the workplace and methods of cultivating performance work ethics rooted in respect, the program will also address important topics such as workplace violence, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and such. A respectful workplace combats and mitigates these types of issues.

EKTIMIS A-C-E Model Diagram

The EKTIMIS A-C-E Program, developed as part of a research study by N. Taiwo, is designed to engage, educate and promote professionals and entrepreneurs across all industries and works of life.

To learn more, or to find out how this program may be brought to your city or town, or even provided directly to your organization or group, please Contact Us.